How to


Plan your picture wall.

A picture wall is both expressive and decorative, and can bring an entire room to life. So take some extra time to plan it out so that it ends up being exactly how you envisioned it!


To create the most thoughtful and appealing picture wall possible, it's important to plan before you start drilling, hammering or gluing. One tip is to first lay out the pictures on the floor in the layout you have in mind in front of the corresponding wall you want them to hang on. It will give you a better idea of whether the wall has enough space for the picture wall and what layout will look best there.


Often, just one or two pictures are enough to fill the empty space on the wall in the dining room or above the dresser in the hallway, but sometimes you need that certain something. That eye-catching feature that sets the tone for the interior's look and makes the room feel thoughtful and inviting - that's when a picture wall is exactly what you need.

In order for your end result to be what you want it to be, it may be wise to do some planning and figure out how you want your posters to hang and what layout and poster sizes you want the picture wall to have. Regardless of whether you want to hang them above the sofa, the bed or on a completely blank wall, it makes sense to measure the wall first and see how much space you have available. Then you can lay out the pictures in front of you and place them in combinations and formations that suit your taste. Use a large piece of paper or an old sheet and draw your desired layout for the poster board, so you can easily hang it on the wall knowing exactly where to put the nails. For those of you with a projector at home, throw the layout on the wall to make it even easier.

After that, you're ready to hang up your beautiful new picture wall!

With a picture wall you can decorate a wall in a simple and inexpensive way and make your home even more cozy and personal.